Just hold on, I'm going home

Pictures by: Rodrigo Zepeda

Well before getting to the beach last week, we were on a road trip! Not as long as traveling to Honduras, but still a road trip. Traveling by car can sometimes get very uncomfortable, but you can save a lot of trouble by choosing the right outfit. 

White Waves

Pictures by: Rodrigo Zepeda (my dad!)

I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful sunny weather in Guatemala, or wherever you are. Hot weather makes me wish I lived by the beach. If you live by the beach you're SO LUCKY right now. Sunny days are made for long walks at the beach and hours of tanning and enjoying some time by the pool.. ahhh.. sounds nice. Well, I had the chance to spend some time at the beach the past week, and let me tell you it was so good. I really needed some time to relax and keep my mind blank.

Feeling 22!


Pictures by: Rodrigo Zepeda

Hello! Do you know what day it is today? "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!" hahaha. It's Easter and also my birthday!! I'm so happy and I feel so blessed for everything I've been able to accomplish on these 22 years since I has born. My friends and family sure know how to make everyday very special and unique and today will be no different :)

"Extra something"

Pictures by: Rodrigo Zepeda

You probably already know me. So you know that I'm all about being comfortable, but never losing sight of what's classy. Keeping your outfits simple  works sometimes, but in my case even though I wear a simple pants-sneakers-and-top outfit, I love to add an extra something to avoid being too simple. 

Golden Summer

Pictures by: Rodrigo Zepeda

Either if you're still stuck at the office or on vacations already, I hope you're enjoying the day to it's fullest! It's that time of the year when almost everyone is planning on trips to the beach or to visit family in other countries, etc. It's summer time here in Guatemala and I'm bringing you a summer outfit idea, but you know.. since I'm all into the "classy casual" combination, I thought what better to keep a summer outfit classy and comfy at the same time than golden sequins?