"Extra something"

You probably already know me. So you know that I'm all about being comfortable, but never losing sight of what's classy. Keeping your outfits simple  works sometimes, but in my case even though I wear a simple pants-sneakers-and-top outfit, I love to add an extra something to avoid being too simple. 

This time that "extra something" was my pants' print. It looks classic and fun at the same time! You cannot imagine how comfortable I was with this outfit. Giving your outfits an extra special touch will also help you highlight your personality through every outfit and make you stand out! Besides, you'll always look "extra stylish" everywhere you go ;)

PD. This "extra touch" also works on photography! Round of applause to my talented brother who gave these simple photos an extra special touch and made them look amazing. Do you like them?

Till next post,


Golden Summer

Pictures by: Rodrigo Zepeda

Either if you're still stuck at the office or on vacations already, I hope you're enjoying the day to it's fullest! It's that time of the year when almost everyone is planning on trips to the beach or to visit family in other countries, etc. It's summer time here in Guatemala and I'm bringing you a summer outfit idea, but you know.. since I'm all into the "classy casual" combination, I thought what better to keep a summer outfit classy and comfy at the same time than golden sequins?


Pictures by: Rodrigo Zepeda

Last week we celebrated along with C'Santos their forth anniversary. I really want to congratulate Cristina and her husband for all the amazing work so far!! It's incredible to see how far the've come and the potential they have and the long way ahead. They started as a small jewelry on April 2010 and now they already have 3 stores in Guatemala.


Pictures by: Rodrigo Zepeda
Makeup by: Studio S

Hello! did you see my latest post about the Fashion Amiga 2014? Well, today I'm sharing with you the outfit I wore for the big day! It's become like a tradition for me to wear a nice short dress for all runway shows. I just love wearing dresses and since one of the main points of a runway is to transmit who you are and what you like, I decided to wear a dress.. again!

#FashionAmiga 2014

Since many of you may already know, I presented a spring/summer line at the Amiga Fashion Show 2014. What I did is that I collected some designs from past collections and added some brand new designs to the line!