Cat in the Mask - Caratí Look 3

Photos by: Rodrigo Zepeda
Jewelry: Caratí

Now for the last look I shot with my brother for Joyería Caratí I saved something very christmassy and exotic. To match the cat mask, which btw is awesome right?, I chose an animal printed charm combined with a multiple chain necklace to make it stand out. As bracelets I'm wearing a combination of three bracelets with the same design with the same purpose of making them stand out. Combining your jewelry may sometimes seem like "too much", but sometimes it is just enough ;) Getting creative with your jewelry choices is a great way of showing who you are.

Remember that if you like any of the pieces I'm wearing, you can find everything at Caratí, Paseo Cayalá Guatemala. Or visit their fan page by clicking here for more information. Hope you liked the photos and very special thanks to Caratí for the support. If you're looking for any collaboration project with us (Rodrigo and me) feel free to contact me at

Jewelry: Caratí, Jeans: Zara, Sweater: borrowed from my mom :)

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